13 of Our Favorite Women in Food to Follow Right Now

These are the women feeding our mood boards and dopamine levels on social media.

women in food to follow

The Spruce Eats / Michela Buttignol

Social media can be draining at times, especially when you're constantly trying to keep up with the latest trends or number of likes. But then there's the moments when Instagram connects us with people that seem to know exactly what we're going through, or when TikTok inspires us to step back in (or out) of our kitchen comfort zone. That's why we want to change the social storyline.  For Women's History Month, we're showcasing the women who bring us joy on a daily basis through recipes, stories, reviews, and their authenticity.

Plain and simple, these are the women who push us to try new things (within food or our career), and put a smile on our face when we need it most. Follow these cooks and storytellers to fill your feed with an endless supply of recipes and inspiration.

ali manning

Brian Manning

Ali Manning

  • Who: Food scientist, Consultant, and Author
  • Where: Tennessee
  • Why You Should Follow Her: 阿里是三重威胁. She is a wealth of knowledge as a food scientist, creative entrepreneur, fashionista, children's book author, and so much more. I am constantly inspired by her and feel uplifted when I see everything she is working towards in the industry. You feel her sunshine radiate through her posts, which is exactly what I need. Lauryn Bodden, Food Editor
  • Support Her Work: Purchase a copy of Ali's new children's book "Can I Play with My Food?"
cara cormack

Cara Cormack

Cara Cormack

  • Who: Commercial Food and Product Photographer
  • Where: United Kingdom
  • Why You Should Follow Her: Cara is a photographer for The Spruce Eats and she's wildly talented. As a fellow photographer, I'm always looking to up my game. She inspires me to do just that. Her images are vibrant, tack sharp, and always tell a fun story. — Victoria Heydt, Editorial Project Manager
  • Support Her Work: Explore Cara's photography and food styling, here. You can see Cara's beautiful images across our site for recipes like Rosemary Focaccia, Tempura Udon, Instant Pot Black Bean Soup, and so much more.
Adriana Urbina

Adriana Urbina

  • Who: Chef, Consultant, and Founder
  • Where: Spain
  • Why You Should Follow Her: Adriana is all about her craft—she's committed to her own personal growth and development, and also to fostering the growth of other womxn in the food space. She is a dear friend of mine and a complete inspiration and cheerleader for me in my own work. She was born and raised in Venezuela, came to NYC to follow her culinary passions, and now resides in Madrid. She is authentic and real. — Kristin Stangl, Food Editor
  • Support Her Work: Adriana founded Tepuy Collective, which offers classes, events, and most recently a space to inspire and mentor other womxn in the food space.
Chelsea Miller making knives

Chelsea Miller

Chelsea Miller

  • Who: Artisanal Knife Maker
  • Where: New York
  • Why You Should Follow Her: The craft and beauty of the products is very authentic and hard won as well as very different from anyone else. She has become one of the most sought-after knife makers for top chefs and restaurateurs. Her social showcases a range of artistry, outdoor beauty, and love for culinary. Todd Coleman, Creative Content Director
  • Support Her Work: You can purchase Chelsea's handmade knives along with hand-carved cutting boards and leather knife cases, here. Additionally, you can soon find tickets to exclusive dinners right in her backyard in the woods this summer where everything will be prepared outdoors.
kysha and adrienne cheatham, bhel puri
The Spruce

Adrienne Cheatham

  • Who: Chef, Founder, and Cookbook Author
  • Where: New York
  • Why You Should Follow Her: As a fellow Harlem resident, Chef Cheatham and I bumped into each other many times on the street and at events. Once I allowed my internal fan to chill out, I had the honor of working with her and even attended one of her Sunday Best pop up dining experiences. You must get into her rich and talented world. Please tell her I say, “hello”, and “thank you!” Kysha Harris, Food Editor
  • Support Her Work: Find Adrienne's latest recipes and articles for The Spruce Eats, here. You can also purchase Adrienne's new cookbook "Sunday Best: Cooking Up the Weekend Spirit Every Day" here.
Lisa Steele

Lisa Steele

Lisa Steele

  • Who: 5th Generation Chicken Keeper, Gardener, and Cookbook Author
  • Where: Maine
  • Why You Should Follow Her: On top of just releasing an egg cookbook, Lisa is always showing her readers fun and delicious ways to cook eggs! She raises her own chickens and ducks, she's down to earth, and super fun. She shares glimpses into her life in her small community in Maine. She's also an avid supporter of small, local businesses. Debbie Wolfe, Senior Visual Editor
  • Support Her Work: You can purchase a copy of Lisa's new cookbook, "The Fresh Eggs Daily Cookbook," here.
chef maria grubb

María Mercedes Grubb

  • Who: Executive Chef and Consultant
  • Where: Puerto Rico
  • Why You Should Follow Her: It's obvious Chef María knows food, but swipe through her stories and posts to feel the passion and energy she puts into every dish. — Lauryn Bodden, Food Editor
  • Support Her Work: Get a taste of Chef María's food at the Decanter Hotel and Taberna Medalla. You can hire her for a private fine dining experience in both Puerto Rico and New York. Stay tuned for a few popups she has planned in New York and Puerto Rico in the upcoming months.
Clarice Lam

Clarice Lam

Clarice Lam

  • Who: Pastry Chef and Consultant
  • Where: New York
  • Why You Should Follow Her: Clarice is one of the most talented pastry chefs I know. Her curiosity and excitement for life not only shines through her recipes, but is clearly seen in her content. You'll find mesmerizing butter Reels, flaky layers of laminated confections, hilarious snack reviews, and more. Oh, and as a former professional model, she only brings the fiercest poses. Kysha Harris, Food Editor
  • Support Her Work: Find Clarice's latest recipe for The Spruce Eats, here. You can also taste her award-winning desserts for yourself at Kimika in New York City.
victoria granof

Victoria Granof

Victoria Granof

  • Who: Artistic Director and Food Stylist
  • Where: New York
  • Why You Should Follow Her: Victoria is the OG food stylist—she apprenticed under Irving Penn when he was shooting all the gorgeous food photos for "Vogue" magazine. She learned from the best and her vision and aesthetic has been leading the trends in food styling and photography ever since. She is also the most humble person you will ever meet and has a wicked sense of humor. I was lucky enough to work for her among her other assistants for a couple of years when I was learning to be a food stylist. She is also a tremendous writer. — Kristin Stangl, Food Editor
  • Support Her Work: You can learn directly from Victoria in her new food styling course through Domestika. 在一个更个人的水平, Victoria is creating a cookbook of recipes and stories from students, staff, and allies of her son's special school to raise funds for assistive technology and art programs—keep an eye out for more details. You can also explore Victoria's photography and food styling, here.
Joy the baker

Emily Ferretti

Joy Wilson

  • Who: Baker, Cookbook Author, Teacher
  • Where: Louisiana
  • Why You Should Follow Her: There's no end to the inspiring recipes and stories on Joy the Baker's social feeds. A quick look at her grid, and you feel like you're in a mystical land of sugar fairies, rap lyrics, home decor, and so much more. She makes you feel at home, whether you're looking for a new recipe or simply want take in the glory of a lazy Saturday. Joy is here for it all. — The Spruce Eats Staff
  • Support Her Work: Purchase Joy's unique Williams Sonoma baking mixes, here. Wear one of Joy's strawberry necklaces from Delicacies—$10 of all profits benefit hunger-relief organizations. Or buy one of her cookbooks.
kayla stewart

Kayla Stewart

  • Who: Food and Travel Journalist, Cookbook Author
  • Where: New York
  • Why You Should Follow Her: Kayla Stewart’s writing is fantastic and then some. We are endlessly inspired by Kayla's deeply curious and insightful writing. From breakfast in Mexico to immigrant communities across the South, you'll find a mix of honest food stories and beautiful travel destinations. — The Spruce Eats Staff
  • Support Her Work: Read Kayla's latest stories through her site, here. And order a copy of "Gullah Geechee Home Cooking: Recipes from the Matriarch of Edisto Island" here, which Kayla co-wrote.
jessie sheehan lemon cake

Jessie Sheehan

  • Who: Recipe Developer and Cookbook Author
  • Where: New York
  • Why You Should Follow Her: I know Jessie's recipes personally just from seeing them come to life on our site, but it's a delight to watch her tips and tricks for easy baking through my feed. — Victoria Heydt, Editorial Project Manager
  • Support Her Work: Find Jessie's latest recipe for The Spruce Eats, here. And you can find more information on her latest cookbook "Snackable Bakes," here.
Lidey Heuck

Lidey Heuck

Lidey Heuck

  • Who: Recipe Developer
  • Where: New York
  • Why You Should Follow Her: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work with THE Ina Garten? Lidey worked as Ina's assistant for years and now showcases that same sense of adventure, aspiration, and love for all things culinary through her content. — Arie Knutson, Associate Editorial Director
  • Support Her Work: Shop Lidey's food prints on her site, here. You can cook through her recipes via a variety of sites, so stay up to date with her Instagram.