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Learning How to Cook

Learning how to cook at home can be liberating, fun and at times overwhelming. Use these recipes and tips to find things you love and feel great about cooking.
eggs cooking in a cast iron skillet
Why Is My Egg Yolk White?
Endlessly Adaptable Quiche
Endlessly Adaptable Quiche
honey in a bowl
What’s That Chunky Crystallized Stuff in My Honey (And Is It Safe to Eat)?
Spoon rice
Do You Always Have to Rinse Your Rice?
Two chicken breasts on brown paper
What's That White Stringy Thing On My Chicken?
Pan-seared salmon served with lemon
Pan-Seared Salmon
Oven Salmon With Roasted Plantains and Pineapple, served with rice
What's That White Stuff Coming Out of My Salmon?
Person reaching high up on the shelves at the grocery store
5 Questions You Want to Ask Your Grocery Store Manager
Over easy egg on a plate with bacon and broiled tomatoes.
Eggs Over Easy
what are chicken wings
What Are Chicken Wings?
pacific rockfish
How to Scale and Clean Fish Like a Pro
Broccoli on a cutting board
Dinner Plans: Broccoli
Fresh vegetables on a wooden tabletop
How to Store Vegetables
How to make perfect jammy eggs recipe
Jammy Eggs Recipe
Browning sausages.
Dinner Plans: Sausage
Illustrated composition of a pantry list, cooking tools, pot, slow cooker, and knife
The Spruce Eats’ Weeknight Cooking School: Ready. Set. Cook. EAT!
Classic Cobb Salad
Our Editors Share Their Best Advice for Fixing a Boring Meal
Bucket of kitchen-cleaning products
Small Steps to a Perpetually Clean Kitchen
Lángos ingredients kneaded to form a ball of dough in bowl, covered with a towel
Why Won't My Bread Rise?
Brown Butter
What Is Brown Butter?
cabinets adjacent to the stove with items used most frequently
How to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets
three layer funfetti cake frosted with white and pink frosting with slices cut out on serving plates
How to Frost a Cake
Hungarian dobosh torte recipe
How to Make a Cake
Fermented Hot Sauce in a jar
Fermented Hot Sauce Recipe
Air fryer and some cleaning supplies
How to Clean an Air Fryer
Salmon Ochazuke (Rice With Tea)
Our 15 Best Canned Salmon Recipes
Fresh apricots
What Is an Apricot?
Brown eggs on striped tablecloth
Types of Eggs
Calamansi citrus fruits whole and cut in half
What Are Calamansi Limes?
Satsuma Mandarins
What Are Satsuma Mandarins?
Bitter oranges, some whole some cut in half
What Are Bitter Oranges?
Tangelos on a grey surface
What Are Tangelos?
What Is Lard?
roasted cherry tomatoes
Roasted Cherry Tomatoes Recipe
roasted tomatoes on a lined baking sheet
Roasted Tomatoes Recipe
Prink grapefruit granita served in bowls.
Pink Grapefruit Granita Recipe
Aromatic vegetables
What Are Cooking Aromatics?
Stirring tomato sauce
How to Thicken Sauces
A platter of grilled artichokes served with lemon and aioli
Grilled Artichokes Recipe
A bowl of Kitchen Bouquet
What Is Kitchen Bouquet?
Man cracking an egg into a bowl
How to Crack an Egg
What Is Halibut?
eggs cooking in a cast iron skillet
How to Make Fried Eggs
Copper pot dried with microfiber cloth in front of sink
How to Clean Copper Cookware
Sheet Pan French Toast on a sheet pan
How to Toast Bread in an Oven
Smoked Turkey on a platter with orange wedges
Your Frequently Asked Holiday Questions, Answered
Miso Ramen Japanese Soup
What Are the Basic Tastes?
How to Convert Cake to Cupcakes
Fresh compost from a compost bin
The Different Kinds of Compost
Butter Beans aka Lima Beans
What Are Butter Beans?
Roast Chicken for Beginners
How to Roast Chicken: A Beginner's Guide
Dynamite Frittata
Dynamite Frittata Recipe
The Dynamite Shop - Frittata "how to" mise en place
How to Make a Dynamite Frittata
Cake flour
What Is Cake Flour?
Baked Apple Pork Chops With Brown Butter and Brown Sugar
19 Deeply Delicious Brown Butter Recipes
cured egg yolks
Cured Egg Yolks
Gourmet groceries delivered
These Grocers Are Your Go-to Food Curators
Japanese bonito flakes
What is Katsuobushi (Bonito Flake)?
Balsalmic and honey glazed roast turkey recipe
Your Thanksgiving Prep Timeline
Country Fried Turkey
Country Fried Turkey Recipe