5 Ways to Support the People of Ukraine Right Now

These campaigns use food to raise funds or provide food directly to refuges.

People helping provide food for people in Ukraine

Getty Images / Carsten Koall / Stringer

Just three weeks after the start of the Russian invasion over 2.8 million people have fled Ukraine—many which have gone to neighboring countries. This number will more than likely increase in the days and weeks to come. Whether you have family and friends who live in Ukraine, or just want to help, there are small ways you can support the relief efforts in this humanitarian crisis. And because The Spruce Eats is centered around home cooking, we're highlighting a handful of organizations that either use food as a way to raise funds, or that provide food directly to refuges.

In addition to the below resources, we also recommend doing a quick Google search and scan on social media to see if there are any organizations within your community that are working to support the relief efforts in Ukraine. There are also a number of smaller campaigns raising money, including Hamantashen for Ukraine and Veselka's "Eat Borscht Stand With Ukraine“这正在做伟大的工作.

World Central Kitchen

José Andrés' World Central Kitchen is serving up thousands of hot meals to refugees at eight border crossings in Ukraine, and throughout bordering countries. The non-profit is also working to support restaurants in major cities throughout the country, including Kyiv, Odessa, and Lviv. You can support their efforts by donating here.


This campaign aims to bring attention to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and also raise funds to support the families and children who have been displaced. There are a number of ways to get involved. You can host your own #CookforUkraine dinner party or bake sale and have people donate here. Or you could just donate directly. The hashtag has also been used on social media for Ukrainian cooks and supporters to share recipes and the stories behind certain dishes. All donations are currently going to UNICEF UK's Ukraine Appeal supporting children and families.


CARE has been around for 75 years and works "to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice" all over the world. With your support, CARE aims to provide food, water, hygiene kits, psychosocial support, and cash assistance to the people of Ukraine—with a focus on helping the elderly, women, families, and children. You can donate here.

Save the Children

Founded over 100 years ago, Save the Children's mission is to serve and protect children all over the world. The non-profit recently established their Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund, which provides immediate aid in the form of things like food, drink, and hygiene kits. You can support their efforts by donating here.

Bakers Against Racism

Bakers Against Racism (BAR) started as a small pop-up in April 2020, and has sense become an international movement to raise funds for social justice causes around the world. You can get involved in a couple ways: You can either start a bake sale using BAR's resource guide (use #bakeforukraine and #bakersagainstracism if you do), or find a bake sale in your area and support the cause that way. Learn more about the campaign here.